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Welcome to my web page, where some Angels soar up to the sky and some tend to stay here, among us.


After almost 20 years since college graduation (PWSSP in Poznan, at the workshop of Peter C. Kowalski and Adrew Lesnik) I went back to painting. Mainly because of the longing for a world different from the one that surrounded me.

I have to admitt – returns such as this one do not come easily. It required hard work to recall my workshop skills. Laboriously I’ve had been breaking through the resistance of matter. The urge to associate with the world of colors and images, almost as those taken out of children’s fairy tales, had been my motivation to go further, step-by-step.

Nowadays I keep spreading my wings with a little help from my Angels. They motivate and look after me from their paintings.

There’s more of them each day. New ideas, stories, characters and reasons for those Good Spirits to go and spread joy among other people, support them and remind what’s important.

Now I invite you to the World of Angels, where painting are inspired by emotions, and the dream world is intertwined with everyday life.

 I greet you with a smile

Lilianna Lazarska